Feedback & Testimonials

At Call Realty Inc we take pride in offering the highest standard of service. Here is what a few of our clients have to say:

The best decision we made was making the home a rental for almost 30 years. Having Call realty manage it for us and knowing it was being looked after and all quality tenants we were able to have living in the home that never did any significant damage was a blessing. That of course came from the screening/back ground/credit checks you always did. Pam K. Previous Owner

The smartest decision I ever made in connection with renting our house was hiring Call Realty-and YOU(Adam)-to manage the property for us. I can’t tell you how much your professionalism, your candor, and your honesty has made our landlord experience better than I could ever have anticipated. You have been easily accessible, prompt at returning phone calls, and quickly responsive to both our and our tenant’s needs. Your advice and guidance have been sensible and well-grounded in the realities of the rental market. The maintenance work you have overseen was handled efficiently and at a reasonable cost. Add in your easy, “no drama” approach to your job and I ask you: What could be better than that? Thank you for your excellent management of our rental property. Olivette O. Previous Owner

Very glad that I've had almost no involvement with my tenant! I don't want to be a landlord, so I appreciate having things taken care of for me! Sheena B. Current Owner

Good Communication! Flexible! Nice people to work with. Craig T. Current Owner

Love your speedy responses and communication! You seem on top of all the issues! Thank You! Pam D. Current Owner

I love and trust the staff and owners at Call Realty! I refer you regularly to my clients with property management needs. Molly C. Current Owner and Realtor

Thank you for returning the correspondence so promptly. Please accept my very grateful thanks for all that you and your team have provided.Paul H. Current Tenant

I want to let you know that I have a very bad impression with Spokane's rental business. The only bright part was the experience with you. For some reasons, property managers in Spokane had very bad attitude. I contacted 3 property management offices to set up appointments. I called, I emailed, I responded with online advertisement and I text. None of the property managers at the other 2 management responded. If I had rental properties in Spokane I would only give to Call Realty for management. That is for sure. You were pleasant, you were on time and patient. Jane N. Potential Tenant

I have three properties with Call Realty for over 10 years! I appreciate their diligence and honesty. Catherine W. Current Owner

Thank you for your great service the first year we have been with you! Kevin T. Current Owner

Thanks for the quick response as always. I really appreciate everything you do and taking care the house with very quick tenant move in. Thanks to everyone at Call Realty. You are the best. Yacinta K. Current Owner

We really enjoyed being your tenants and wanted to thank you all for being a great company to rent from. Every Call Realty staff member we dealt with was friendly, professional, and attentive to our needs. We recommend you all to anyone we know that is looking to rent a home. Thank you for taking care of us! Previous Tenant

Since you selected the perfect renters 1st time out, you’ve set my expectations pretty high. It’ll be interesting to see what you come up with for the next one…thanks for the super service you’ve provided on my house. I can’t imagine how I would have been able to pull this off without Call Realty. Marc K. Current Owner

I want to thank you and your staff, particularly Heath, for the years of quality and timely management of my properties. If I am in need of a property manager again, I will be contacting your firm. Brian K. Former Owner

I really appreciate that my properties are in great hands, and even though i'm so far away, you make every thing so stress free for me. Rhys B. Current Owner

We have been very happy with you guys for the past 7 years, we really appreciate the service you have provided for us, and we are looking forward to many more years together. Sean and Kerin P. Current Owners

Thank you for having a meeting with me. You as always deal with adversity so well. Call Realty has the highest rating in my book. It has been a real pleasure watching this business grow and triumph. Such good news that honest hard working people can go to the top. Good on you !!! Glenn T. Current Owner

I wanted to give some feed back on an experience I had with one of your representatives. Last week I received an email alerting me to a possible water leak in my rental. In a classical over-reaction I called Jess Morris thinking a pipe must have burst and my house was ruined. However, Jess did an incredible job informing me of exactly what was happening, and more importantly giving me a feeling of confidence that Jess was taking charge. Jess kept me in the loop and quickly gave me the information I needed to feel comfortable my house was in good hands. I can't thank Jess enough for keeping even more of my hair from turning grey and wanted to send a note expressing my great experience!!! Michael G. Current Owner

"I truly appreciate how easy it has been to rent from Call Realty! Online payments, e-mail, everything!" Sarah F.-Vacating Tenant

"I wish you had a property that was within our budget and fit our criteria, we have really had a great experience renting from you for the past 5 years and I highly recommend you to anyone looking for rentals." Sara and Nicholas-Vacating Tenants

"We appreciate how smoothly you handled our clients as they signed a new lease. This kind of service is the value added of your program!" Allen S. Current Owner

"Chuck and I would like to thank you for your great help in assisting us in finding a home. Your dedication to your customers is impressive! I really feel that our goals became yours in a very short time. We will certainly be "singing your praise" to all of our family and friends". Phyllis and Chuck - Tenants

"Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you getting my home rented! What a release of pressure this was for me and I can't thank you enough." Paul T. Current Owner

"Thank You for a successful meeting with my clients-you exceeded my expectations! I am looking forward to many years of referrals to you!" Tara H. Spokane Realtor

"Great Job! Very professional and thorough!" Steve S. Current Tenant

" I want you to know I really appreciate how you have gotten our house matters taken care of and in the works. I feel very confident in Call Realty!" Holly C. Current Owner

"Thank you very much for your commitment to looking after our property. We are appreciative that you found renters for us so quickly. You are a blessing!" Shannon M. Current Owner

"I really appreciate how fast things were handled, and how nice everyone in the office was. Much more pleasant and thorough than previous landlord company." Susan J. Current Tenant

"Thank you for being professional, kind, informative and all around on top of your game! Thank you for renting to my family." Brian H. Current Tenant

"Heath was extremely helpful in working with us. We had a lot of questions and unusual circumstances since we were moving from Alaska! Heath was awesome!" Karen A. Current Tenant

"We have been absolutely delighted with Call Realty. We've had very good interaction with all the staff. They are very good at getting things done.If you go with Call Realty, I think that you will be well satisfied!" Carol W. Current Owner

"Your service is second to none! You have made the experience of being a landlord as painfree as possible. We appreciate your prompt updates and responses to any issues that arise." Jeff and Karen M. Current Owners